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If It Were Me

With Dr. Nikki Tobias

Coming soon!  A podcast that explores all things related to being a human living in relationships.  This podcast is a compilation of things Dr. Nikki coaches and teaches on, in a straight forward and engaging way.  Tune in to learn more about trauma, PTSD, self coaching tools, and more!    

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Speaker, Coach, Educator

Nikki Tobias, Ph.D.

I'm described by audience members as knowledgeable, fun, articulate, thought provoking, exuberant, enthusiastic, inspiring, motivating, dynamic, engaging, captivating, and entertaining.  

I work closely with business leaders, staff groups, church groups, networking groups, organizations, and more to determine their needs and goals and then create a presentation to achieve those outcomes in fun, applicable, and memorable ways. 

(The giraffe word cloud is made of audience feedback from coaching and speaking engagements.)

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What People Have To Say

"Nikki is a strong and powerful leader that inspires others to be the best version of themselves. She has big heart and a personality that will light up a room."


"I would say that a person could have no greater ally, friend, or confidant. I would say that if you want truth and understanding she will fit the bill. I would say that she gives beyond measure and loves the same way. I would say that she never allows a box to stop or define her and her search for answers goes way beyond any preconceived boundary. I would say that I count myself blessed to have her in my life." 


"Nikki is a caring person that fights for what is right. She isn't afraid of hard conversations but will stop to listen to what you are trying to say, without judgment."

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Press and Media

If you would like to include Dr. Nikki in your podcast, article, or tv spot, reach out using the Contact Form on the homepage.  




Lessons From The
Classroom & Beyond

Dr. Nikki Tobias was the instructor for the ECHD 3130 course, offered as an upper division elective to all University of Georgia students. The class provided an opportunity for students to learn event planning and management while fundraising for local nonprofit agencies in Athens, GA.  Many UGA student-athletes who took this course left with a completely different outlook.


Waking Up from the American Dream w/Special Guest Dr. Nikki Tobias

Jennifer Miracle-Best & Cristin Casey visit with Executive and Life Coach, Dr. Nikki Tobias, Grounded Vision) to discuss the meaning of life, why most people are missing the point, and how to free ourselves from the rat race and lead our lives with purpose using the Law of Attraction.

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Dr. Nikki Tobias & Jennifer Miracle discuss GLBTQ issues

Dr. Nikki Tobias and Ms. Jennifer Miracle-Best will discuss openly and respectfully the issues of the GLBTQA population and some of the struggles they face living in the United States today.  Dr. Tobias and Ms. Miracle-Best have been colleagues and friends for several years and discuss complex issues with respect and dignity while agreeing and disagreeing.  Whether or not you believe you know this topic well, Jennifer's story is unique and her perspective is well worth considering.


Brian Ross interviews Dr. Nikki Tobias

On this episode of It's NOT Crypto, host Brian Ross interviews the amazing Dr. Nikki Tobias. They talk about business, life, relationships, growth, helping others, and more. Listen to this amazing episode now. 



The Golden Mic Live: Episode 62 w/ Dr Nikki Tobias, certified life coach, talks change your thought


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(Part 2) Brian Ross interviews Dr. Nikki Tobias

Welcome to the second part of the two-part interview series (Episode 6) where show Brian Ross interviews Dr. Nikki Tobias on the It's Not Crypto show. They continue their conversation about business, life, relationships, growth, helping others, and more. Listen to this amazing episode now.

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Donate Now

If you  would like to donate toward the production and hosting of the podcast, please use the Vanmo code to the right. 

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Book A Speaking Gig

Do you have a group that needs to hear the speaking and teaching of Dr. Nikki?  Reach out!  You have nothing to lose!  Together we can determine if I'm the best fit for your audience, what the best topic might be, and how to move forward.  

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